Mental Health


Sip with Purpose: Supporting Mental Health Initiatives

Our Mission

At Splash Bottles and Co, we believe in making a positive impact not just on the environment but also on mental health. With every purchase of our black eco-friendly drink bottles, you contribute to supporting mental health initiatives. We are proud to donate half of all profits to organisations dedicated to creating awareness, providing support, and promoting mental well-being.

Our Partner Non-Profits

Speak and Share

Speak and Share is a non-profit organisation committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health through open conversations. By supporting Speak and Share, we contribute to creating a world where individuals feel empowered to share their stories and seek help without fear of judgment.

Let's Talk Foundation

Let's Talk Foundation is at the forefront of destigmatising mental health issues and promoting accessible mental health resources. Your purchase helps fund initiatives that make mental health support more readily available to those in need.

Read the Play

Read the Play combines the power of storytelling and theater to address mental health challenges. By supporting Read the Play, we contribute to innovative approaches that use the arts to raise awareness and foster understanding about mental health.

Tackle Your Feelings

Tackle Your Feelings focuses on mental health within the sports community. By partnering with Tackle Your Feelings, we support programs that encourage athletes to prioritise their mental well-being, promoting a holistic approach to health.

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

With every bottle you purchase, Splash Bottles and Co donates 50% of the profits directly to these non-profit organisations. Here's how your support contributes:

  • Funding Mental Health Programs: Your contribution helps fund programs that provide mental health education, support, and resources to individuals and communities.

  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness: By supporting these organisations, you play a role in spreading awareness and breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health.

  • Creating a Positive Impact: Join us in making a positive impact on mental health, one sip at a time.

Join the Movement

Together, we can create a world where mental health is prioritised and supported. Join the Splash Bottles and Co community in sipping with purpose and making a meaningful difference.

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