Breathe Green: Sipping for Forest Conservation
Our Mission
At Splash Bottles and Co, we are on a mission to make a positive impact, not only on our daily lives but also on the forests that are vital for our planet. Every purchase of our lush green eco-friendly drink bottles contributes to supporting forest conservation initiatives. We are proud to donate half of all profits to organizations dedicated to protecting our forests and biodiversity.
Our Partner Non-Profits
Rainforest Rescue Rainforest Rescue is a tireless advocate for rainforest preservation and restoration. By supporting Rainforest Rescue, we contribute to projects that actively protect and regenerate vital rainforest ecosystems around the world.
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) WWF is a global force for nature conservation, working to preserve the diversity of life on Earth. Your purchase aids WWF in their mission to combat deforestation, protect endangered species, and promote sustainable forestry practices.
Greenpeace Forest Campaign Greenpeace Forest Campaign focuses on advocating for responsible forestry, protecting old-growth forests, and promoting sustainable land use. By partnering with Greenpeace, we support initiatives that address the root causes of deforestation.
How Your Purchase Makes a Difference
With every bottle you purchase, Splash Bottles and Co donates 50% of the profits directly to these non-profit organisations. Here's how your support contributes:
  • Rainforest Preservation: Your contribution helps protect and preserve rainforests, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth.

  • Deforestation Combat: Support initiatives that actively combat deforestation by advocating for responsible forestry practices.

  • Species Protection: Aid in the protection of endangered species that rely on forest habitats for survival.

  • Sustainable Land Use: Contribute to projects promoting sustainable land use, ensuring a balance between human needs and environmental preservation.

Join the Canopy
Together, we can create a world where forests flourish. Join the Splash Bottles and Co community in drinking for forest conservation and making a meaningful difference.
Embrace the Green Movement
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