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Ride the Wave: Sipping for Ocean Sustainability

Our Mission

At Splash Bottles and Co, we ride the tide of positive impact, not only for the environment but also for our oceans. Every purchase of our Navy eco-friendly drink bottles contributes to supporting ocean sustainability initiatives. We take pride in donating half of all profits to organisations dedicated to protecting our seas and marine life.

Our Partner Non-Profits

Sea Shepherd Sea Shepherd is a champion of marine conservation, committed to actively defending and protecting our oceans. By supporting Sea Shepherd, we contribute to direct action initiatives that safeguard marine ecosystems and combat illegal fishing.

Surfrider Australia Surfrider Australia is dedicated to preserving our coastal environments. Your purchase aids Surfrider in their efforts to protect the coastlines, promote water quality, and ensure sustainable coastal development.

Take 3 for the Sea Take 3 for the Sea is on a mission to reduce plastic pollution. Your support helps fund programs that educate and inspire individuals to take action by picking up three pieces of litter every time they visit the beach.

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

With every bottle you purchase, Splash Bottles and Co donates 50% of the profits directly to these non-profit organisations. Here's how your support contributes:

  • Direct Action Conservation: Your contribution aids in direct action initiatives that actively protect and preserve marine life and ecosystems.

  • Coastal Cleanup and Protection: Support initiatives that keep our coastlines clean, promote water quality, and ensure sustainable coastal development.

  • Plastic Pollution Reduction: Help fund programs that educate and inspire individuals to combat plastic pollution and keep our oceans free from harm.

  • Marine Biodiversity Conservation: Contribute to initiatives that focus on preserving and restoring the biodiversity of our oceans.

Join the Wave

Together, we can create a world where our oceans thrive. Join the Splash Bottles and Co community in sipping for ocean sustainability and making a meaningful difference.

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