Business Partnerships

Welcome to Splash Bottles and Co – where sustainability meets style! 

Our mission is simple: we're on a journey to make a positive impact locally and globally. With our vibrant line of reusable drink bottles, we're not just providing top-notch hydration solutions; we're also making waves in supporting critical causes around the world.

Who We Back:

Black Bottle:

Tackling mental health head-on! Half of the profits go to Movember, Speak & Share, and Lets Talk Foundation.

Navy Bottles:

Diving into ocean sustainability! Half of the profits support Sea Shepherd, Take 3 and Surfrider Foundation Australia.

White Bottles:

Taking a stand against homelessness in Australia! Half of the profits are donated to We Are Mobilise and Homelessness Australia.

Dark Green Bottles:

Fighting deforestation! Half of all profits go to Rainforest rescue and WWF.

Why Partner With Us?

Not only are you providing your customers with a must-have, high-quality product for their daily lives, but you're also championing the causes that matter most in our country today! 🤝

Plus, customize your order with your own company logos for that extra personal touch. Minimum order quantity: 100.

Ready to make a splash with purpose? Fill out the form below to gain access into our wholesale prices and join the movement for a better, more sustainable world!